BBTI was established on May 15, 2003 in order to continue sales and support of the B2C2 Air2PC-ATSC broadband receivers. BBTI was founded by John Jurrius, former Director of Software Engineering for B2C2, after B2C2 decided to withdraw from the direct sales and support of all B2C2 PCI and USB products on January 31, 2003. This change at B2C2 left a void in the ATSC datacasting market since B2C2 was the only supplier for the Air2PC-ATSC products which had become the industry standard. BBTI was begun with the strong belief that the emerging ATSC datacasting market will eventually change the way that most people regard television.

In August of 2003, BBTI establish a strategic partnership with Technisat Data Services, to provide engineering support and sales distribution of Technisat SkyStar2-PCI, CableStar-PCI and AirStar2-PCI (DVB-T) broadband receivers in North America, Central America and South America. This relationship has continued and strengthed through 2004 and 2005 with new and updated products being introduced continuing the leading market position of the Technisat products.


Executive Team

John Jurrius - President

Fred Urrutia - VP Sales and Business Development