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CableStar 2 PCI (8Mhz)


BBTI in partnership with  Technisat brings you the AirStar-HD5000-PCI for  reception of ATSC (8VSB) and QAM (64,256) directly into your PC!  Now using the latest generation of ATSC demodulator from LG for superior multipath handling providing excellent signal reception

Receives digital  terrestrial broadcast TV  (standard- and high-definition). This device is also an extremely cost-effective and reliable solution for additional digital services such as datacasting (multicasting), file-delivery, distance learning and homeland security applications.

Equipment characteristics

  • Reception of digital ATSC (8VSB) and QAM (64, 256) signals into a PC
  • Reception of data services (Multicast/Unicast)
  • Receives HDTV and SDTV
  • Plug & Play
  • PCI card
  • Input Frequencies:  54 to 863 MHz
  • RF-level: 0 to -76dBm

AirStar-HD5000-PCI Data Sheet