TechniSat DVB-PC 4.4.3 (Size: 54.4Mb ; Updated: 6/3/2008)

- Includes DVBViewer software for viewing and recording of Standard and High Definition FTA MPEG2 TV (pre-configured for European satellites). [Note: 1) USB devices only support Standard Definition, 2) No audio or video decoder is included in downloadable version]
- Includes software for reception of Data Services (pre-configured for European satellites)
- English, German, French and Italian language support
- Included drivers support all Satellite, Terrestrial DVB/ATSC and Cable PCI cards and USB boxes manufactured by Technisat or B2C2 including but not limited to the follows: SkyStar, AirStar, CableStar.

TechniSat DVB-PC 4.4.3 (Compact) (Size: 32.3Mb ; Updated: 6/3/2008)

- Compact package is the same as above but excludes DVBViewer, product manuals and other non-essential items. This package is preferrable if the device is used for IP Data Services only.

TechniSat Software Developer Kit ( SDK) 1.13 (Updated: 10/10/2007)

- SDK allows development custom applications to have complete control of the receiver


We support the development efforts of the Linux community and have incorporated native support for most of our products within the Linux-DVB framework. (

Due to licensing restrictions, the source code to support the Front-End of most current version of the SkyStar-2 PCI (r2.8) cannot be released into open source. However below we have provided the binary modules along with instructions on how to add support for this device.

TechniSat SkyStar2-PCI (r2.8) (Updated: 7/09/2008)

NOTE: All files herein are provided to support TechniSat’s valued customers in the Linux community however TechniSat does not provide any warranty regarding the correct operation of the software or guarantee from defects. While we appreciate feedback from the community and will try to address any reported issues, please note that there is no official support provided and as such technical support requests may not be acknowledged.